BrownEagle provides high quality Premium Whiskey, Vodka, Rum, packeged drinking water and Beer. Alexandra Spice is the leading distributor of alcoholic beverages all over India. The company was established in 2018. Today it combines the core spirit distribution from India. We deal with up-to-date facilities distributing vodka, liqour, cognac, brandy, wine, champagne, vermouth, gin and low-alcohol beverages. The products are sold in India. Alexandra Spice headquarters is located in Mumbai (India). 


Our Core Values

We believe with these core values and business expertise “Alexandra Spice” Whisky, Beer & Spirits India will continue on a path of profitable growth and will be recognized as one of the premier Specialty importers and Sales and Marketing companies in India. Our management philosophy is based on trust, responsibility and mutual respect. People who work with “Alexandra Spice” Whisky, Beer & Spirits join our team because we have an environment that encourages creativity and achievement. Our executive team includes many accomplished executives and managers with 20-25 years experience in the beverage alcohol industry with specific expertise in Importing, Wholesale Distribution, Sales Management and Administrative/Operations. Our sales team is a great blend of young knowledgeable people and seasoned veterans.
• Fresh new enthusiastic approach.
• Driven by supplier and company owned brands along with key account custom opportunities.
• Creating a supplier direct sales organization.
• Providing brand owners a new approach of brand building throughout key markets in INDIA.
• Not overlapping our brand portfolio with conflicting brands, and showing true loyalty to our business partners/manufactures.
• Our main objective is to represent a limited number of manufacturers and suppliers, thereby enabling us to specialize.
• Breaking new ground on how business is conducted in major metro markets.
• Our mission is to educate and motivate the key retailers and wholesalers to join with us in an effort to deliver the consumer to our brands.
• Alexandra Spice is a next leading manufacturer in Spices like Dry Fruits, Turmeric, Red Chilly & all types of Spices.
• Alexandra Spice’s want to investment in Breweries with Bottling Unit. (Beer, Whisky, Vodka, Rum, Zin and Water bottle).


Letter from the Founder/CEO

Dear Valued Customer, Suppliers, and Friends

Thanks for visiting our web site.

I sincerely hope you enjoy browsing and learning more about our company and our many fine products and suppliers. As a relatively new company we are extremely enthusiastic about the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.

Alexandra Spice was founded In August 2018, by Mr. Satyendra Vishwakarma.

Alexandra Spice is a Mumbai corporation with headquarters in Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharastra.

Alexandra Spice is a unique company acting as a manufacturers'-direct wholesale distribution company in India, while also owning and representing manufacturers with different wine and spirit brands throughout the India. We have our niche; we specialize in craft, handcrafted products along with assortments of specialty spirits and wine products from around the World.

Our goal at Alexandra Spice is to bring you the highest quality products from around the world that offers the consumer high quality products at a true price value.

As we grow we intend to expand our portfolio of specialized craft manufacturers so we can offer you additional products in many of the country's top distilled spirits and wine categories.

We understand the difficulties that face the beverage alcohol business and distributors throughout the India but, at the same time, see a tremendous opportunity in bringing unique handcrafted price value authentic products to many of the country's top retailers.

Our overall strategy at Alexandra Spice is to bring you new, fresh, and exciting brands that complement your current portfolio of brands and adds value to your overall beverage alcohol program. If you're a consumer, we hope you will enjoy and taste our products, I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

We are enthusiastic and excited about the possibilities and look forward to the future.

Should you have any questions and/or need any additional information, please don't hesitate to call me direct.

Our directors  Mr. Vivek Singh & Mr. Anurag Singh and I look forward to exceeding your expectations while enhancing your overall drinking experience.

Thanks for visiting us,

Mr. Satyendra Vishwakarma,


Alexandra Spice & Beverages Pvt. Ltd.


Our Mission

• To provide our Customers, Suppliers and Employees with quality Products and Services, and EXCEED their expectations through Profitability, Communication, Selling and Execution.
• To provide customers with authentic niche handcrafted/custom quality wines and spirits while joining forces with suppliers and manufacturers in delivering quality products in all price categories.
• Industry knowledge, quality customer service and overall value at a profit; becoming one of the best specialty craft Importers/ Distribution companies in the country.
• What will emerge is a Specialty craft Importing Distribution business which will be breaking new ground on how business is conducted in the United States.
• A prerequisite for success, for any Importer who is conducting business in the India, has to emanate from his or her ability to see and influence key on and off premise accounts. We feel that is our greatest strength.
• As you can see the primary focus of our Importing and Distribution business will be on brand building and all the disciplines that go into the long-term building process of the brands and suppliers we represent.
• Our mission is to educate and motivate the key retailers and wholesalers to join with us in an effort to deliver the consumer to your brands.
• We believe with these core values and business expertise, Alexandra Spice India will continue on a path of profitable growth and be recognized as one of the premier sales and marketing companies throughout the country.
• Our sense of purpose is clear -to represent and build your portfolio and to move both of our companies towards a profitable future.


Key to Success

Our greatest strength is to influence on and off premise accounts.

Mumbai is the number one beverage alcohol market in the India. The role of the current distributors has changed from brand builders to order takers. The consolidation of the wholesale tier continues to give suppliers fewer and fewer choices on distribution, while the two major Mumbai distributors continue to add brands to their portfolios. A small professional specialty organization selling a limited portfolio of supplier and company owned brands, promoting personal contact, product knowledge and personal service will surely make a significant contribution. Alexandra Spice India’s strategic objective is to move from traditional wholesale distribution mode to a pro-active smaller craft spirits whole situation. Our key retail account call frequency is designed to create a special relationship with our key accounts and wholesalers.
• Complete key account and chain coverage
• Experienced sales and marketing executives
• One years experience in Mumbai and the Western India
• Strategic programming with built-in benchmarks for periodic evaluations
• We will not overload our portfolio (Brand Building is the Key)
• We wish to only represent a limited number of suppliers, thereby enabling us to specialize for each supplier
• Importation, Inventory, Warehousing and Distribution capabilities Brand investment unparalleled by any specialty importer/distributor in the India “A prerequisite for success for any Importer/Distributor that is conducting business in Mumbai is their ability to see and influence key on and off premise accounts. We feel that is our greatest strength”.


Giving Back

We’re committed to giving back to the communities we call home. We’re proud of our employees’ passion and honored to support them as they give back to the causes we all care about most. Our three main global initiatives—Nourishing Neighbors, Community Giving, and our Employee Match Program—are complemented by the many activities our employees champion at the local, regional, and brand level.



The environment is critical to our long-term growth and success as a business, and to the health and wellbeing of the communities in which we all live and work. From improved efficiency in water and wastewater to solar energy, biodiversity and restoration projects, we’re always looking for ways to improve our stewardship and use of resources while continuing to efficiently produce the highest quality products.



As a Alcohol trader, we’re 100% committed to producing, advertising and selling our beer, wine and spirits brands responsibly. We focus our efforts on educating our employees and on community outreach.


History & Heritage


We started in the year of 2018. We are in the business of manufacturing, distribution and marketing. We distribute Brownagle products across India. We have just launched Browneagle Packaged Drinking Water.



Satyendra Vishwakarma

Satyendra Vishwakarma belongs to city  Mumbai in Maharashtra, an entrepreneur at heart and believer in there power of dreams. He loves mentoring, budding enterpreneurs. After working in film industry for many years, now he is in the business of manufacturing, distribution and marketing. He has got multifaceted personality , great visionary who believes  in thinking big. Experienced Chief Executive Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the food & beverages industry. Skilled in Customer Service, Sales, Strategic Planning, Research, and Leadership. Strong business development professional with a under graduate focused in Biology/Biological Sciences, General from S.D.J.I.College.